Patty Brown

Patty Brown
Dottie’s Sweet Delights
I’ve always loved to cook for family and friends and frequently gift something made in my kitchen. I consider myself a fearless cook and love making something new and interesting; trying out a new recipe, spice or ingredient is my favorite thing to do!
I was blessed to grow up with an amazing cooking instructor, my wonderful Mom, Dottie.
Living on a farm 25 miles outside of a small town of 750 residents, we rarely ate a meal outside of our home. Dottie was a fantastic cook and I’m so very grateful she shared her wisdom with me!
In 2015 I was a guest at the home of my friend, Bonnie and she said ‘oh my gosh, you need to taste Patty’s toffee, it’s addictive!’ A gentleman standing near me asked ‘would you be willing to take care of my client gifts this Christmas?’ And a business was born!
I’m also concerned about healthy eating so I’ve made a commitment to using only the most wholesome ingredients in my products. You will not find corn syrup or unnecessary food dyes or chemicals in any of my products. I’ve done a tremendous amount of research to find acceptable substitutes for corn syrup, the dyes and chemicals present in US maraschino cherries and dairy free of hormones. I use organic sugar, local honey, organic tapioca syrup in lieu of corn syrup and the finest Belgian Chocolate available.
I realize consuming sweets is a splurge
I’m committed to make your splurge as healthful as possible! Enjoy!