Member Benefits

Profile on

List your profile on our website so that viewers can learn more about you. Go to our Member Profile Upload, fill out the form, and your profile will be uploaded to our site!


Take advantage of this opportunity to stand up in front of everyone during a future meeting for a 5-minute highlight about yourself and/or your business. Members will have a chance to get to know more about you and your business. Spotlights are chosen via a business card draw.


Members may sign up at the start of each meeting to make a 60-second testimonial regarding another member. Only 3 testimonials may be shared at each meeting so be sure to get to the meeting early to sign up!

Stay Up to Date

Stay up to date on recent events, member contacts, policies, and bylaws via our website, newsletter, and social media!

Member Mixers

Take advantage of these great networking mixers by attending and getting to know your fellow members better in a more casual setting.

Raffle Prizes

Bring a raffle item/basket to a meeting and promote yourself or your business! You will be able to address the room and make an announcement at the time your item is raffled. All funds from raffle ticket sales benefit our SMWN Member Grant.

Display Marketing Materials

Display brochures, literature, business cards, flyers, etc. on the membership table at each meeting.

Micro Trade Show

This opportunity will allow you to display and promote your business to the SMWN network and community.

Winter & Summer Extravaganzas

Bring a basket to raffle off, join in on a bit of seasonal cheer, and promote your business while giving back. This is also a perfect opportunity to invite new guests and highlight the SMWN. Raffle ticket sales benefit our SMWN Member Grant.

Member Grant

Each year, active SMWN members who have attended at least 9 meetings will have the opportunity to apply to win a $1,000 grant. The grant is intended to assist the SMWN member with continuing education, business building, or enhancing business expertise.

For more information on the Santa Maria Women’s Network, pleaseĀ contact us!