These policies were adopted by the Santa Maria Women’s Network Board of Directors. The policies of the organization have been updated and revised effective 2010-2011 for the members of this organization.

The Santa Maria Women’s Network Board of Directors adopted these policies to help you, as a member, understand your responsibilities as a member of this organization. We ask that you follow these policies as written in this manual and in our Bylaws.


Membership is good for one year. All members must renew their membership yearly. Both women and men are invited to join the Network. Membership is open to those who are working, retired, or semi-retired.

Fees: Renewing Members $50.00 for individuals and $80.00 for business members. The Network reserves the right to change fees at their discretion. The Network will give all members a 30 days notice of any changes in fees.

New Members: New members are always welcome to join the Network. New membership fee is $55.00 for individuals and $85.00 for business members.

Prorated Dues: If you are a new member joining and you join within one month after our new fiscal begins your membership fee will be prorated. (See back of application)

Due Dates: All members who will be renewing their membership with the Network will be required to pay their memberships fee on or before July 1st of our new fiscal year.

Late Fees: A late few of $10.00 will be applied to your membership dues if you do not pay your dues by July 31st.


All members and guests are required to make their reservations either by phone, sign-up sheet at the general meeting or by e-mail.

Luncheon fees are as follows, but are subject to change: Members who RSVP: $22.00. Guests $25.00. Members who do not RSVP: $23.00.

Cancellations: Member/guests must call at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Those that do not cancel their reservation will be billed $22.00.

Cell Phones: When attending our General Meeting, or Special Events, we ask that you turn your cell phones off, or to silent. If your cell phone rings during any of our meetings, or events you are subject to a $5.00 cell phone fee.

Name Tags: All members are asked to wear name tags to the General Meeting. Those who wear a name tag at the meeting will receive three free raffle tickets.

Raffle Prizes: Members attending the General Meetings are encouraged to bring a raffle gift to help promote your business. Doing so will entitle you to five free raffle tickets.


GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Members and the community are invited to apply for either a grant or scholarship. Scholarships are for an adult who is continuing their education, a high school graduate to help with college expenses, or a member of the Network. It is encouraged that anyone who feels they would like to apply can go to our website and download the application, or they can contact the Network to request an application.

Scholarships: Two five hundred dollar ($500.00) scholarships are awarded to members, non-members and students who reside, work, or attend school in the greater Santa Maria Valley. All applications must include one or two letters of recommendation. Groups may apply and must include Director’s resume, list of Board of Directors, mission statement and current brochure, or program description. Applications are reviewed and awarded in May. Recipients will be asked to attend a Santa Maria Women’s Network General Meeting to receive their scholarship award and to follow-up with a one page written report of their completed project. Application deadline is March 15th.

Allan Hancock College Scholarship: A six hundred dollar ($600.00) scholarship is awarded to an Allan Hancock College student. Applications are reviewed and awarded in May. Application deadline is March 15th.

Member Grants: A one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) grant will be awarded to an active member of the Santa Maria Women’s Network who resides, works or attends school in the greater Santa Maria Valley. This member must fulfill the following qualifications: Be a member for a least one year prior to August 1st. Attend a minimum of nine (9) General Meetings within the course of our fiscal year (July-June) and be current with membership dues on August 1st. A Board Member or Committee Chairperson of the Santa Maria Women’s Network may also qualify as an applicant. All applications must include one or two letters of recommendation. Deadline is September 1st of the calendar year. Applications are reviewed by a designated committee of community professionals on an annual basis and awarded in October. Recipient must accept their award in person at the Santa Maria Women’s Network General Meeting and submit a written report of their completed project within one year.

Contact Information for Scholarships/Grants: To contact our Scholarship Chair you can call 805.929.7489. You may also download the applications from our website.

HOLIDAY COMMUNITY PROJECT: It is traditional for the Santa Maria Women’s Network to take on a special community project during the holiday season. A portion of the funds raised by the membership through our annual fundraising efforts will be applied to an important community cause such as supporting Domestic Violence Solutions, or a local family in need. The project may vary on a yearly basis and the Board of Directors will approve a project recommended by committee. Members are welcome to bring to the Board’s attention a project they consider worthy and provide the necessary specific contact information. Ideas should be submitted by October 15th to be considered. (Added 2010)

WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE: The Women of Excellence is the Network’s opportunity to recognize women in our community. This event is held annually. Please note that the dates and times for nomination forms, interviews and the actual event are announced each year by the officiating committee. Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Women Taking Creative Risks
  2. Women of Spirit
  3. Women Helping Women
  4. Lifetime Achievement

Guidelines: Deadlines, Dates and Times change every year.

Nominees must be female residents of, or be employed in, the Santa Maria Valley. Individuals do not apply themselves, but must be nominated by a group or individual. Self-nominations or by a family member will not be considered.

Unsolicited materials such as portfolios, publications, resumes, etc. will not be reviewed or considered in the judging process.

All nominations must be postmarked by (Date TBA each year).

A panel of judges will interview nominees on (Date TBA each year). Interviews will be conducted at the Santa Maria Inn between (Times TBA each year). Appointments for interviews will be scheduled by phone.

Nominees must be present at the Recognition Dinner at the Santa Maria Inn (Date & time TBA each year and will be announced on the application form each year).

Selections of the panel of interviewers are final and the names of the winners are confidential until they are announced at the dinner.

All applications must be accompanied by a $40.00 application fee which will cover the cost of the meal for the nominee.

GENERAL MEETING PROGRAM To bring you additional information from outside the Network we offer several programs throughout the year. We currently have three special programs per year our Holiday Extravaganza, Women of Excellence and our newly added Micro Trade Show. The remainder of our yearly meetings will be divided between speakers and networking opportunities

Speaker Policy: Non-member program speakers will be drawn from the community to present on a variety of topics pertaining to both professional and personal growth.

Speaker Recommendations: Topic suggestions will periodically be taken from the membership. If you know someone within the community that would make an excellent speaker for one of our programs, please refer them to our Program Chair.

Member Opportunities: Members will be afforded the opportunity to promote their business endeavors at each monthly meeting. A table is provided for members to present printed materials and small samples. The first five members to sign in at the check-in table may give a one minute business or community related announcement at all regular meetings.

Networking Topic Meetings: Networking topic meetings allow each member the chance to briefly speak about their business. Additionally, members may be spotlighted by providing business related prizes to be raffled as gifts at the end of regular General Meetings.


Members will receive a monthly newsletter via e-mail, unless otherwise indicated on your membership application. It is your responsibility to make sure that your e-mail address is updated. Members who wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter will be asked to pay a $6.00 yearly fee.


In May of each year your membership chair will be contacting you to make sure we have your correct information for the member directory. The member directory is a resource for all our members to use to make connections with other members. Members are responsible for updating their information by notifying the Network of any changes during the year.

Cancellation of Membership: Members can withdraw their membership by contacting the Network in writing 30 days prior. Please note that membership dues paid will not be refunded and are thereby forfeited.

Visitor and Guest Policy: Members please make sure you read the following information regarding our member/guest policy.

Visitors and guests (other than our guest speaker) are not allowed to bring promotional information or handouts to a meeting. The networking table is for member information only.

Visitor/guests introductions will be limited to name and title only.

A visitor or guest is welcome to visit up to three time before becoming a member.  Spouses or other family members of a network member are excluded from this visitation limit.

The luncheon fee for a visitor or guest is $25.00.


We encourage all of our members to take part in our Board. Our Board of Directors works hard each year to better serve the organization and bring new ideas to the forefront. If you are a member in good standing you can join the Board of Directors.

Positions: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter, Hospitality, Facilities, Women of Excellence, Scholarship, Special Events, Fundraising, Programs, Historian and Publicity. Positions are two year maximum service  in one position. After two years in one position you can go to another position on our Board.

Committees and Volunteerism: Many times our Board will have a special event, such as our Women of Excellence. If you would like to help with this, or any other event that the Network is planning, we encourage you to join the committee. This is your opportunity to help the organization and/or the causes they support.

NETWORK REPRESENTATION: As a member you represent the Santa Maria Women’s Network.

Help with memberships by:

  1. Bringing guests to our meetings and encouraging them to join our Network.
  2. Sharing our membership brochure with perspective members.
  3. Promoting the organization.
  4. Volunteering for special events.

Disclaimer: The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse potential members, remove any member that does not comply with the Network’s Policy. Member dues, luncheon rates and special event program fees are subject to change, sometimes without notice, but the Network will do its best to inform members at least 30 days in advance.