Vanessa Pronge

Owner at All Things Green Living / Norwex / Plexus / Monat

Vanessa Pronge has over 20 years of experience in property management but chooses to work from home while setting her own hours and teaching women how to make a substantial income by doing the same.
She is dedicated to helping families live richer, fuller and healthier lives. By teaching them how to save time, money and their health all while helping the environment. She educates families on the various benefits of radically reducing the use of chemicals in their homes. She offers ecofriendly household cleaning supplies, natural age defying hair care, top of the line health supplements and healthier personal care products.
Vanessa also serves as vice president of the board at the Natural History Museum of Santa Maria. She’s zealous about promoting Green Businesses to help educate our community about caring for the natural world around us. She is married, she and her husband are huge Star Wars fans. They live  in Santa Maria and have 4 grown kids…  one married, 3 in college, and a few fur babies still living at home. Vanessa is thrilled to be a part of the SMWN.