Kristine Mollenkopf

Assistant City Attorney

Kristine is a seasoned, forward-thinking, and innovative legal professional, advisor and leader with 25+ years of experience in corporate and government environments.  She is a  highly accomplished attorney, meticulously organized and detailed with a proven track record of success conducting legal research, analysis, trial preparation, and advising and counseling clients and elected officials.

Kristine is currently serving as a President of Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary.  She is actively involved in community service, volunteering for numerous community events, including Elks Rodeo.  She is the head of the steering committee for the Antlers youth group at the Lodge, and is a judge for Teen Court.  A native Santa Marian, Kristine has been married to Jeff Hague, a merchant mariner, since 2011.  She loves Corvettes, bully breeds, and baking.