Anica Julian

Emerald Wave Media and Entravision Account Representative

I started in the Sales field in early 1990’s for a national craft TV show. Knowing the product and being able to demonstrate, describe and sell products on TV along with selling the items over the phone. I had always been “artsy” but this brought my creativity to a whole new level. I then moved into newspaper sales, again creating the dialog and graphics for affective ads. After 10 years in the print world, I became a radio and TV sales person for Emerald Wave Media and Entravision TV. My passion is to help local businesses grow by targeting their customers and creating affective advertising while working with their budget. My challenge… people that tell me, “I’ve tried radio and/or TV before and it didn’t work.” Personally I think all advertising works regardless of the media type, but you have to do it right. Sometimes you really have to think outside the box, and that’s what I do best!